New Top and Bottom Planer/Multirip Make SK Model SKP 300
Maximum Working Width 300mm and Height 90mm
Maximum Rip Depth 80mm   Max Sawblade Dia 355mm 3600rpm
Feed Speed 6-36m/min
Minimum workpiece length 500mm
Including Sound Enclosure
Anti-Kickback fingers for operator Safety
Feed motor 5.0Kw with Inverter Controlled Feedspeed
1st Bottom Planing Spindle Motor 7.5Kw
2nd Top Planing Spindle Motor 11 Kw
Rip Saw Motor 37.5Kw
Roll Fed Machine driven by Cardan Drive
Chromed Table Plates
Air Pressure Control to Feedworks
Saw Spindle Diameter 75mm, with 2 x 16 x 6mm Keyway
One Set Helical TCT TOK Cutterblocks Included, no Sawblades