Sawmillers processing from log to value-added products will find their most applicable machinery here. While our primary focus has been on the value-adding plant, we offer a range of sawmill solutions, from small bandsaw lines to large automated lines. Our longstanding relationship with Multisaw serves to offer the customer a broad base of experience and service.
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Primarily manufacturers of doors, windows and purpose built joinery for the building industry, should find solutions and machines here. The range of applicable machinery in this category is vast, and we strive to offer the latest technology, reliability and price. It is likely your desired machine might not be shown, but often the solution could be something entirely different. Talk to us.
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From custom furniture to production furniture manufacturers, the most common machinery are show here. We have tried to group these machines in your category, but be aware that the right solution to your particular challenge might just be available but not yet shown. We ask that you communicate with us and give us an opportunity to offer an appropriate solution.
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This category refers to those manufacturing kitchen, bedroom and living room cupboards, cabinets and wall units, both custom and production, mostly using Particleboard, MDF and Plywoods , with limited solidwood. Again, each challenge has an appropriate solution, and we look forward to assist in finding one. This is one of the most quickly evolving and advancing areas for us.
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