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Helical Carbide Cutter blocks with TCT turn over knives – Why should i change from conventional straight knife

Vibrations caused by helical carbide cutter blocks with Tungsten Turn Over Knives is greatly reduced in comparison to your conventional straight knife cutter blocks. – Bearings last longer. – Reduced chatter means reduced ware and tear. – Reduced sharpening down time. – Reduced noise – Less tension on motors. – No planer pitch markings. – […]

Ten + Reasons for Dressing/Planing Blanks for Fingerjointing:

The FJ line can be accurately set for width and thickness, eliminating blockages and re-set downtime. Already sized blanks means QC can focus on defects Better efficiency and improved safety in the clamping stations of the FJ Less friction between boards means efficient jogging and squaring Cleaner straighter surfaces improve handling and reduce wear on conveyor […]